Rebecca-Maria Norwick, FNP, DNP, Director

Bert Epstein, PsyD, Manager, Mental Health Programs


Support Staff

Brian Chetcuti, Health Services Specialist

Anabel Valdovinos, Health Services Assistant

Chad DeLaca, Medical Assistant

Patrick Stafford

Sheila Martin


Licensed Medical Staff

Genesis Callejas-Mir, College Nurse Practitioner

Shohreh Semati, College Nurse Practitioner

Steve Wolf, MD, College Physician

Ty Affleck, MD, College Physician

Mary Wyman, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Anandi Ohkubo, RN


Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI)

Jeane Erlenborn, MPH, Health Promotion Specialist

Mathias Garcia, Health Promotion Specialist


Mental Health Therapists

Brijida "Brijit" Alemán, AMFT, APCC, Mental Health Therapist, she/her/ella; Specialist with Spanish-speaking, Latinx, undocumented, Native American, and justice impacted populations.

Joseph O. Hancock III, ASW, Therapist & Outreach Specialist, Black/African-American Focus


Mental Health Supervisory Staff

Joe Puentes, PsyD, SPS Supervisor

Maryellen Curran, PhD, SPS Supervisor

Alan Dreifuss, PhD, SPS Supervisor

Maria Daverede, LMFT, SPS Supervisor


Student Psychological Services Trainees

Allison Ferrari

Annie Graham

Chelsea Worrell

Elyse Shires

Jen Emmett

Maria Pena

Noemie Cloutier

Sarah Van De Weert


Back Office Medical Assistants

Beysaira Abundiz

Paula Chan


Student Employees

Quinn Han, Student Health PEERS

Katie Brenninger, Student Health PEERS

Valeria Corona, Student Health PEERS

Jay Herrerra, Student Health PEERS

Tova Esbit, Student Health PEERS

Rebecca Maguire, Student Graphic Designer

Citlali Smith, Student Health Aide

Rachel Butterfield, Student Health Aide

TeAta Liebenberg, Student Health Aide

Quinn Adair, Student Health Aide