SHS Staff

Student Health Services Staff  –  2021 - 2022



Rebecca-Maria Norwick, FNP, DNP, Director

Bert Epstein, PsyD, Manager, Mental Health Programs


Support Staff

Brian Chetcuti, Health Services Specialist

Martha Cole, Medical Assistant

Chad DeLaca, Medical Assistant


Licensed Medical Staff

Mary Wyman, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Genesis Callejas-Mir, College Nurse Practitioner

Steve Wolf, MD, College Physician

Ty Affleck, MD, College Physician

Leslie Burger, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Suellen Eschenbach, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Kris Henry, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Eleanna Kennedy, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Alva Lalas, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Catherine O'Neill-Conover, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Barbara Ritter, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Todd Steele, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner


Mental Health Therapists

Brijit Aleman, MFTA, LPCA, Mental Health Therapist

Nadine Henley, LCSW, Mental Health Therapist

Corey Timberlake, PhD, Mental Health Therapist


Mental Health Supervisory Staff

Joe Puentes, PsyD, SPS Supervisor

Maryellen Curran, PhD, SPS Supervisor


Student Psychological Services Trainees

Troy DuFrene, Mental Health Trainee; specialist in men's and hoarding issues

Liya Levanda, Mental Health Trainee; specialist in LGBTQ+ students

Lauren Jennings, Mental Health Trainee; specialist in neurodivergent issues

Alex Long, Mental Health Trainee; specialist in Student Athletes, Black/African-American students

Cara Neal, Mental Health Trainee; specialist in women's/feminist issues

Kim Nguyen, Mental Health Trainee; specialist in Asian-American students

Nicole Penrod, Mental Health Trainee; specialist in LGBTQ+ and Latinx students

Mitchell Rees, Mental Health Trainee; specialist in men's issues


Medical Assistants

Ariana De Santos

Anandi Ohkubo


Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI)

Jeane Erlenborn, MPH, Health Promotion Specialist


Student Employees

Patrick Stafford, SHA

Naomi Suarez, SHA