Student Health Services Staff  –  2022 - 2023


Rebecca-Maria Norwick, FNP, DNP, Director

Bert Epstein, PsyD, Manager, Mental Health Programs


Support Staff

Brian Chetcuti, Health Services Specialist

Martha Cole, Medical Assistant

Chad DeLaca, Medical Assistant

Cresha Cooley, Health Services Assistant


Licensed Medical Staff

Genesis Callejas-Mir, College Nurse Practitioner

Shohreh Semati, College Nurse Practitioner

Steve Wolf, MD, College Physician

Ty Affleck, MD, College Physician

Leslie Burger, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Suellen Eschenbach, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Kris Henry, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Eleanna Kennedy, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Alva Lalas, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Barbara Ritter, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner

Todd Steele, FNP, College Nurse Practitioner


Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI)

Jeane Erlenborn, MPH, Health Promotion Specialist

Sheila Martin, Health Promotion Specialist


Mental Health Therapists

Brijida "Brijit" Alemán, AMFT, APCC, Mental Health Therapist, she/her/ella; Specialist with Spanish-speaking, Latinx, undocumented, Native American, and justice impacted populations.

Corey Timberlake, PhD, Mental Health Therapist, he/him; specialist in Black & African-American issues


Mental Health Supervisory Staff

Joe Puentes, PsyD, SPS Supervisor

Maryellen Curran, PhD, SPS Supervisor


Student Psychological Services Trainees

Alexandra Katsarelis she/her: Specialist in trauma, relationships, body image, self-compassion, and mindfulness. Speaks Spanish and Swedish.

Amanda Chang she/her: Specialist in sexual and gender minority identities, complex trauma (including racial and intergenerational trauma), neurodivergence, and family/interpersonal issues. Provides therapy in English but speaks some Spanish and Mandarin.

Amara-Niani Jackson she/her: Specialist in athletes, African-American students, LGBTQ+/Queer students, Native-American students.

Amy Perez she/her: Specialist in Latinx population, young adults, and transgender students; Mexican-American; Speaks some Spanish (but not for therapy), fluent in Swedish.

Cara Neal she/her: Specialist in college-aged students, autism spectrum, and intellectual disabilities.

Cale Krise he/him: Specialist in students with ADHD/neurodivergence, attachment issues, childhood and adolescent trauma,  issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community,  OCD and similar disorders, anxiety, and sleep issues.

Katie Moody she/her: Specialist in attachment and relationship issues.

Rachael Negron she/her: Specialist in Latinx, queer community, early psychosis, and arfid eating disorders.


Medical Assistants

Devin Chappell

Kim Cheap

Tatiana Coronel

Liliana Martinez

Anandi Ohkubo

Kaydeelynn Picky

Tori Rypka


Student Employees

Quinn Han, Student Health PEERS

Mado Toure, Student Health PEERS

Rebecca Maguire, Student Graphic Designer