One of the most essential parts of your college life will be the relationships you build with other students, staff, and faculty on campus. You have the right to be in relationships that you choose and to have those be safe for you. You are equally responsible for treating others with respect.


Keep your own personal relationships safe and healthy
  • Trust your instincts
    • If someone makes you feel uncomfortable remove yourself from the situation and tell someone. 
  • Communicate clearly
    • In a relationship or interaction, get clear about what you want. If there are limits that you want to maintain, state what they are and stick to them.  Practice describing your limits outside of intimate situations, so you feel ready to express yourself. 
  • Respect boundaries
    • Listen to others when they express their limits and do not use pressure, threats or intimidation to get what you want. 
  • Use the buddy system
    • If meeting up with people you don’t know, it’s a good idea to bring another friend along.  Look out for each other and help each other if they signal they want to leave. 
  • Reach out for help
    • Contact us to talk to someone who can help you find alternatives to violence in your relationship or if you have been threatened or assaulted. 

Help others have safe and healthy relationships (bystander intervention)

  • Stand up against abusive words & actions 
  • Make it clear that violence is not okay with you.
    • Help create culture of respect and non-violence on campus. 
  • If you see something, say something
    • If you are concerned about threatening or abusive behavior that you have witnessed, contact us for information on how to help. 
  • Educate Yourself
    • To learn more about sexual assault, stalking, healthy relationships, and the new "Yes Means Yes" law, check out videos created by The Not Anymore campaign which can be viewed for free on the Student Success YouTube Channel

Sexual Assault Reporting Options