Student Health Services Help Center


  • Communicate with a Live Person 24/7, English and Spanish
  • Phone or Text: 1-800-985-5990

Working Through Recent Tragic Events

Common Normal Reactions:

  • Shock / Sorrow / Numbness / Fear / Anger / Trouble sleeping / Difficulty concentrating / Finding it hard to continue with coursework
  • Denial / Vivid dreams or flashbacks / Sadness / Anger / Fear / Focusing / Hopeless / Anxious / Difficulty communicating or reaching out to others 

Tips on Coping:

  • Talk about it and ask for support from friends, faculty, and staff.
  • Be sensitive to your others' feelings and reactions along with your own.
  • Take breaks from social and other media. Give you brain a chance to recuperate and decrease your stress.
  • Take care of yourself, exercise, eat normally and try to sleep.
  • If you feel unsafe, be around friends, have someone walk with you across campus and connect with others.