The college community and individuals are served by a variety of department activities to maintain and improve health.  Through a combination of District hired staff, contracted professional services, a mental health internship training program, and collaboration with community agencies, the program provides Clinical Services, Mental Health Services, Health Promotion Services, and District Support Services. Details on the scope of the services offered are outlined in a “Health Services Plan” that is approved by the college’s Board of Trustees, and can be seen at: Board Policy 8.4P.

Student Health Services maintains three health centers on the Santa Rosa and Petaluma Campuses.  These facilities are where individual professional healthcare services are provided for students, as well as housing our health promotion and administrative support staff.  A variety of educational support services are provided outside the health centers: in classrooms, at other college sites, and in community settings.  The level of service provided by Student Health Services will vary, depending on funding levels, student assessment data and demonstrated need.

The Student Health Services Advisory Committee is established to act as a recommending body to assist Student Health Services in providing high quality, appropriate service to the college community.  This committee regularly evaluates current services relative to college needs and revenue from the Health Fee and other sources, reviews expenditures, approves student charges within the health centers, and makes recommendations to the Vice President, Student Services and ultimately to the President for approval.   More information can be found at the Student Health Services Advisory Committee webpage.

For additional information, please contact Cindy Dickinson at