Kognito is an online avatar-based program that allows students, staff, and faculty to explore warning signs of distress and to practice having challenging conversations with emotionally responsive characters. There are different modules that guide users on how to support students in distress, and how to create a campus community that is welcoming for LGBTQ students, and student veterans.

For Students

Veteran and friend

Support veterans

Two men sitting at table

Support a friend

Group of men and women sitting in living room

Support LGBTQ students

For Faculty & Staff

Male student sitting across the desk from female faculty member

Support veterans

Men and women in classroom or conference room

Support a student

Female student

Support LGBTQ students

To access Kognito trainings:

  • Click on any of the images above to get to Kognito website
  • Create a new account or log in to an existing account
  • Choose training Point-Of-View (staff or student)
  • Choose which training to complete

For more information, please contact Jeane Erlenborn: jerlenborn@santarosa.edu.