Guided Imagery

What’s Guided Imagery?

It’s the easiest, most user-friendly form of meditation you can find.  It’s simply listening to words and music that guide you on a positive journey, where you imagine yourself relaxing and doing well, with all your senses.  Even half-listening works.

How often do I have to listen to it?

Even a few minutes a day has been found in scores of randomized, clinical trials to relieve stress, improve performance, lift the blues, improve sleep and shift the biochemistry of the body to more positive states. .

The more you listen to it, the more powerful it gets. After a few weeks, the positive messages will become automatic and you’ll need to listen less. 

How is it different from meditation or self-hypnosis?

It’s really not.  It’s a simple, user-friendly form of either.

Why is it called “The Lazy Man’s (or Woman’s) Meditation?

Because all you have to do is press “play”.

Do you have to believe in it for it to work?

Nope.  It’s not a religion, just a resilience technique – a very effective one at that!  

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