The web sites below are not meant to replace a visit with a health provider, but to provide additional information that you may find helpful.

Finding and maintaining health and life balance is challenging. You have the power to make choices that can either enhance or detract from your general well-being. We are here to help you make the best decisions concerning your physical, social and mental health.


Drugs and Alcohol

Student Health Services recognizes drug and alcohol dependency as treatable conditions and offers services to assist in obtaining treatment. Nine out of 10 excessive drinkers are not dependent on alcohol. Excessive and binge drinking are most common among 18-24 year old men. Social drinking for men is defined as less than 14 drinks per week and no more than 4 drinks on any day; for women less than 7 drinks per week and no more than 3 drinks in one day. The Student Health Services staff can discuss ways to drink sociably and how to prevent negative consequences.

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Drug use can create challenges to students’ academic success. A recent survey of SRJC students indicated that 16% of male students were smoking marijuana daily. Any daily use can create habit and dependency. Student Health Center Nurse Practitioners and Behavioral Health Interns can assist you in evaluating drug use and accessing the services listed below for support and treatment if needed.


Resources for Drug and Alcohol Support and Treatment

Smoking Cessation Information...


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