Coronavirus Mental Health Resources

Stress and Anxiety about coronavirus

Given all the media coverage and shelter-in-place restrictions, it is normal to feel stressed and apprehensive about coronavirus. There are a number of resources now:


Watch SRJC's April 2020 Staying Safe During Coronavirus Webinar In this 60-minute webinar, SHS Nurse Practitioner Cynthia Dickinson and SHS Psychologist Bert Epstein are asked questions by SRJC student and SHS PEER Maria Arreguin. Questions were emailed to Maria by students ahead of the webinar, and other questions were asked by attendees during the webinar. Topics include both physical and mental health, with information, resources, ways to cope, and clarification of areas about which people have been wondering. 


Talk to a Therapist:

    SRJC: Make an Appointment to Talk via secure video/phone to a SRJC Student Health Therapist: Call 527-4445 during business hours or email us at

    Community: There are places in the community that are. Info: if you have MediCal, if you have Private Insurance, or in a situation where you need very low-cost/free community therapy.


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Articles, Self-Help Resources, and More

The Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook is a huge online free "self-help book" with very good explanations and techniques for stress reduction specific to coronavirus. Available in English and Spanish.

Coping with Fear & Sadness During the Pandemic is a thorough and continually updated manual providing evidence-based ways to not give in to or fight your feelings but rather ways to manage them in most useful ways. 

Mental Health America has a very large collection of online resources including tools for dealing with anxiety, financial issues, ways to connect with others, hotlines, webinars, information for parents, information for caregivers, information for older adults, information for domestic violence survivors, for LGBTQ individuals,, for veterans, and more. 

NAMI's COVID Resource & Info Guide has a massive list of ways to cope with the stresses of the pandemic. It also has information on insurance and medical care.

SRJC's 2-Minute Review of local resources and ways to deal with coronavirus stress. 

Managing Anxiety about Coronavirus: SRJC's 8 slides (in a contemporary presentation). 

UCSF's Huge List of Resource to Cope During COVID-19: Includes apps, copings skills, info for families, info for older adults and caregivers, practical resources for low-income and other groups

The Anxiety Files is a set of articles on how to manage different types of anxiety during COVID-19.

Dealing with Uncertainty in Times of COVID is an article with many tips on ways to keep yourself grounded in uncertain times.

Seize the Awkward is a site for college students on ways to stay connected with others during the pandemic.

Protecting Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Outbreak: 5 key steps for better mental health in these difficult times. 

US Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s Guide to Stress & Coping (y en espanol): Information on the stress of outbreaks, how everyone reacts differently, ways to cope with stress, information for parents, information for people at risk for serious illness, for people coming out of quarantine, and for responders. 

Resources for College Students Quarantining in Unsupportive Environments: From the University of Florida but applicable locally

Sonoma County's Mental Health & Wellness Site: Tips on dealing with the stress, local resources and hotlines

Reducing Stigma: How coronavirus can lead to stigma, and what you can do.

Expressive Writing Exercise website specific to COVID that relieves stress.

That Discomfort Your Feeling is Grief and How to Grieve the Losses from Coronavirus. Two articles on how the stress we are feeling is also about the loss of doing activities we are used to.

Ways to Deal with Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation 

Coronavirus sanity guide from the 10% Happier site, includes podcasts, blogs, meditations, and talks.

How to Cope with Grief During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Grief and Fear after a COVID death: Managing a Double Trauma

Assemblyman Marc Levine's list of Local Resources: Additional resources, hotlines and more.

COVID Coach App includes a mood tracker, find resources, learn about symptoms, coping strategies and tools, stress management, and audio affirmations/mindfulness.

A 20-Minute video that discusses ways coronavirus issues make us anxious and ways to deal.

Worry vs. Anxiety During These Strange Days is a 28-minute video presentation showing you how some worry/anxiety now is normal but how too much is challenging and what to do about this.






If you, or someone you care about, are feeling overwhelmed with emotions like sadness, depression, or anxiety:

  • Communicate with a Live Person 24/7, English and Spanish
  • Phone or Text: 1-800-985-5990
  • TTY (for hard of hearing): 1 (800) 846-8517 

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