Resources and Information about the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)

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Santa Rosa Information (gathered from State and Federal Sources)

Vaccine Information in Multiple Languages - From the folks at TranslateCOVID at UCLA, this resource provides info about both vaccines and other Covid topics in a very large number of languages.


California State Vaccine Info  Sonoma County also has a link with locations and information.


Info on Double-Masking/Best-Masking (2/10/21)


Anxiety about coronavirus

Given the situation and shelter-in-place restrictions, it is normal to feel stressed and apprehensive: Coronavirus Mental Health Resources


Physical Health Guidelines

Follow the Sonoma County policy to shelter in place and only go out for essential errands. You can still take a walk outside with family or friends, but it is a best to to still do "social distancing" and stay 6 feet apart. Make sure to wear a mask/face covering if going to a store or most any area outside your home. If you take a walk/run in a remote outdoor place and you are 6 feet away from anyone you do not live with, then you do not need a mask.

If you believe you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, contact your health care provider and self-quarantine until cleared by your provider. If you need assistance finding a health care provider, please contact Student Health Services at 707 527-4445. 

General recommendations for campus community:

  1. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching you face and eyes, nose, mouth with your hands.
  2. Perform routine cleaning at home particularly for high touch surfaces like door knobs.
  3. Ill students with fevers, cough, shortness of breath or severe illness should be be evaluated by a medical professional. Call them before coming in to note your symptoms and consider wearing a mask if you have one (or make arrangements with them.) 
  4. If you do not have a medical provider, schedule a video visit with SRJC's Medical Providers by calling 707 527-4445 during business hours. Also, available in the county, please see our list of community clinics.
  5. Staff and faculty who are ill should seek care from their local health providers or an emergency room. Please notify these providers immediately if you have traveled out of the country in the past 2 weeks or have known exposure to a person with COVID-19 infection.
  6. Minimize unnecessary traveling. Consult the CDC or State Department website for more information on travel recommendations

CDC COVID-19 Updated Webpage

CDC COVID-19 Updated Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Sonoma County Updated COVID-19 Information

How to Choose the Best Mask

Sonoma County Healthcare Foundation List of Resources - This extensive list, frequently updated, includes general resources/local information, local services, information for parents and children, and other issue information/resources. 


How to best shop for food

Grocery Stores: Tips for shopping and staying safe during the pandemic can be found in this NPR article